Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the questions that our Talent & Culture team are asked most frequently by newly hired colleagues preparing for their move to Lake Louise, Alberta. If you have further questions about on on-boarding process please feel free to reply to your hiring contact.

Where can I buy groceries? What is the closest supermarket?

Stables Kitchen, Grocery, and Bar (located in the Colleague Services building) offers a variety of products, including groceries, produce, alcohol, frozen food, sundries, and toiletries. Lake Louise Village Market is the closest offsite location to purchase groceries. Canmore has a Safeway and Save On Foods, and Banff is home to an IGA Supermarket.

Who is the local cell phone provider?

TELUS / Koodo /The Phone Store, 208 Buffalo Street Banff, AB (403) 762-2337
(Note: there is a TELUS tower in Lake Louise so the signal is the strongest)

Is there a bank in Lake Louise?

The closest Banks are in Banff and Canmore. There is an ATM machine on site in the Colleague Services Building as well as two locations within the hotel.
Banff: BMO (Bank of Montreal), CIBC.
Canmore: BMO, CIBC, TD Bank, Scotiabank, ATB Financial, RBC (Royal Bank of Canada).

What are the internet options in Lake Louise?

Internet is now included in all staff housing buildings.*
*Except for the Swiss Guides Cabin and buildings located in the Village of Lake Louise. You will be informed by our recruitment team before arrival if you are in any of these buildings.

Do I need to bring pots, pans, cutlery, TV, etc.?

Depending on how long the unit has been occupied prior to your arrival, most tenants have already acquired the essentials (TV, microwave, basic cutlery, etc.) We do not provide pots, pans, cutlery, towels or TV. Bedding and pillows can be rented upon arrival based on availability. If there is something you cannot live without or would prefer to have your own items, bring them with you. Remember, you are moving into a unit with limited space and storage and you can always stock up on the essentials once you arrive.

Is parking free? Do I need a park pass?

Yes and Yes! All vehicles on property are required to be registered with Colleague Services, please provide the make, model, year, color and license plate number to the Colleague Services team upon arrival. As a resident of Banff National Park, you will be entitled to a Park Pass. To obtain this pass, visit the Lake Louise Visitor Centre, next to the Samson Mall, within your first few days of arriving.

Can I bring a pet?

Pets of any kind are not permitted in staff accommodation. This includes fish, birds, reptiles, etc.

Can I have a guest stay with me?

With the permission of your roommate(s), you can invite a guest to stay with you, up to a maximum of 7 days. You simply fill out a “Guest Pass” form and have your roommate(s) sign off with their consent. If your guest is coming with a vehicle please register their vehicle with Colleague Services and they can park in front of the Colleague Services Building.

Do we have to eat at the staff cafeteria? Can I cook at home instead?

You are welcomed to eat at the Staff Cafeteria 3 times a day if you wish! Colleagues are entitled to one complimentary meal every working day and can purchase additional meals 5 dollars each. However, if you prefer to cook in your unit you can certainly do so.

How cold does it actually get in Lake Louise?

During the winter months, the temperatures can fluctuate anywhere between -5 C and -50 C. During the summer season, the temperature can fluctuate between 5 C and 35 C.

Is there a safe in my room or a place to lock my belongings?

Buildings 1-4 – The door to these units automatically lock. However, inside the unit, the closet and bedroom doors do not lock. If you would be more comfortable having items locked up, we recommend you bring a safe or lock for your suitcase.

Hector and Spruce Grove – The door to these units must be locked from the outside with the key and tenants are given a key for their bedroom door.

Are there laundry facilities on site?

On site laundry facilities are coin-operated, $1.50 for the washers and $1 for the dryers. Machines are located in the Colleague Services Building, throughout residence in the parkade under Engler, the 2nd floor of Englehard, the basement of Victoria Manor, basement of Hector, and upper Building 2. Please ask for directions if you are unsure of the location. A change machine is located in the Colleague Services Building.

When will the rest of my questions be answered?

You will attend a 2 day orientation during you first week of employment. This orientation will include presentations on Parks Canada, our Lifestyles Program, Security, Colleague Benefits, etc.